Our extensive research has now confirmed the Buddha as being approximately 400-500 years old. Twice the age of Modern Australia.

“Five years of forensic research declares Australian Baby Buddha an Authentic Ming Treasure.”

Dr Ian McLeod

Analysis Report

Read Dr Ian McLeod’s PDF report on the mineral analysis of the Baby Buddha.

The forensic microscopic corrosion tests (which have been published and are open to any scientific scrutiny) show it was buried subsurface at the exact location of its roadside discovery for at least 150 years and conclusively could not have been buried recently or “planted”.

The road verge however is in a geologically turbulent area close to coastal sand dunes that large cyclonic tidal surges and strong prevailing coastal winds effect substantially. It therefore could have been buried and uncovered several times by these natural geographical forces over the centuries making it possible the object lay at the location undisturbed by human hand much longer than the 150 years it was buried sub surface. The area in question has been completely levelled by Cyclone Hazel, removing, replacing and restructuring two and three metre high dune systems in the 1970’s.

Our research has now categorically confirmed that the Baby Buddha is in fact a Solid Bronze and Gold Gilt Ming Dynasty Infant Buddha made with the Lost Wax method over four centuries ago.

We have also discovered (via world renowned Asian Art expert, Mr Lee Young of Antiques Roadshow) that a very similar Buddha exists in the current Emperor’s Imperial Collection in China. This means it is a high status object likely crafted for a Chinese Emperor.

How it came to be in Australia perhaps can only be confirmed by further archaeological excavations at the site where it was discovered however as we also found a gold, ruby and pearl “pirates earing” at the site it is possible that the Buddha may well be part of a larger cache.

We realised the significance of the object immediately upon excavation and as amateur historians called our exploratory excavations to a halt immediately with the hope we could find experts to help us.

We have at present not excavated more than twenty centimetres deep.